About Us

The hills east of Arkansas City, Kansas are rich in history and filled with limestone. Silverdale Limestone Quarry and Cut Stone dates back to 1874. In 1874 the John Algoe family was granted the land by the State of Kansas and began quarrying Silverdale Limestone. They passed the business on to the Hockenbury family in 1937. The Hockenbury family continued to make improvements to quarrying and cut stone methods until 1962 when the Born family purchased sole ownership and quarrying rights. HJ Born was a visionary in the natural stone quarrying and cut stone business. HJ Born and the Born family built the present-day Silverdale Limestone Cut Stone plant as well as the finest Silverdale Limestone quarry in the area. Quality cut stone was never spared in 144 years. Quality, a customer base from all over the country has come to appreciate.

The Summer of 2018 marked another changing of the guard for the Silverdale Limestone quarry and cut stone plant. The Born family decided it was time to pass the tradition of quality and rock-solid relationships on to the Nick and Jake McClure families. Silverdale Quality Stone was started.

At Silverdale Quality Stone we do not take for granted the hard work and determination the families have put into this business of the past 144 years. We share the same values of family, hard work, and relationships. It is our goal to maintain existing relationships as well as start new relationships. The visionaries before us have laid a solid foundation for us and we plan to expand beyond that by being on the cutting edge of the natural stone business. We are employing various quarrying methods to increase efficiencies as well as safety. We are using that same mentality in the Silverdale Quality Stone cut stone plant. We are constantly looking for avenues to increase quality, efficiencies, and most importantly safety. Our staff of highly trained stone carvers understand our customers expect the highest level of quality in every piece purchased from Silverdale Quality Stone. We supply the homeowner, home builders, and commercial projects the same Silverdale Quality Stone no matter the size of project. From our family to yours we truly appreciate your interest in Silverdale Quality Stone. We look forward to helping you with your next project.

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